Hydroponics Using the Kratky Method

Hydroponic Gardening

Kratky Hydroponic gardening is a great way to grow indoors or outdoors without soil.

Kratky Hydroponics

Using Kratky methods, you can grow almost every plant, including Kratky tomatoes, lettuce and herbs.

Living Walls with Kratky

Creating living walls with the Kratky method of hydroponics is super simple and easy to do.

Kratky Hydroponics Kits

Learning Kraty hydroponics can be easier when you use a Kratky hydroponic kit that helps you easily begin to learn with Kratky hydroponics.

Kratky Tomatoes

Micro Dwarf Tiny Tim Tomatoes - Tomato

Kratky Basil

Sweet Basil seedling

Kratky Lettuce

Lettuce harvest

Kratky Potatoes

Hydroponic Potato Tubers - Kratky Potatoes

Kratky Mason Jars

Hydroponic Mason Jars - Mason Jar Hydroponics

Kratky Cilantro

Kratky Cilantro - Cilantro Kratky Style

What Do You Need to Use The Kratky Hydroponic Method?

The Kratky method of hydroponics was invented by Bernard Kratky, a professor at the University of Hawaii. Kratky grew plants without soil, in water. It is super simple and easy to setup. Learn what you need to create the simplest Kratky hydroponic garden.

Kratky Method Tomatoes
Kratky Tomato

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Kratky Method Lettuce
Kratky Lettuce

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Kratky Method Basil
Kratky Basil

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Is the Kratky Method a Good Solution?

“I wanted to grow vegetables and herbs duringteh winter, but couldn’t. I adopted the Kratky method and created an indoor grow shelf in a 2×5 foot space. I was able to grow Kratky lettuce, basil, dwarf tomatoes and more. I love the Kratky hydroponic method of growing indoors.”

“Lettuce does not grow well in high heat, like we get in Texas. I started using the Kratky method to grow lettuce indoors and wow, Kratky rocks. Large heads of lettuce in less time and they grow all year long. Using the Kratky method of hydroponics, I now grow all of my lettuce indoors in my Kratky mason jars.”